Directory of FOA Corporate Members

The FOA was founded by people in the industry dedicated to promoting professionalism in the field of fiber optics and cabling. We are pleased to present our FOA Corporate members, who represent a wide range of companies offering products and services in all aspects of fiber optics and cabling.

Nsoh Joseph, CEO
Essoka Corporation
Rue Koloko, Bonapriso
Douala, Litoral
Tel: +237699633076
Fax: 233362904

FOA Corporate Member # 0256

To accomplish or action managerial sustainable development, our group of businesses role-play the fundamental platform to harness and patronize sustainable necessary capacities especially required for sustainable solutions centering on emerging indigenous societies. Furthermore, to accomplish sustainable development, attaining full development from a series of research and innovative solutions, has become our objective and vision, as postindustrial requisites or conducing preludes to our group of businesses: the use of video surveillance (CCTV), intrusion detection equipment/technology, at the security sector/business ( is complimented by our research electronics, information and communications (postindustrial) research program of Essoka Corporation.

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