FOA Corporate Program Participants

The FOA was founded by people in the industry dedicated to promoting professionalism in the field of fiber optics and cabling. We are pleased to present our FOA Corporate Program Participants, who represent a wide range of companies offering products and services in all aspects of fiber optics and cabling.

Richard Suess, Fiber Systems Consultant
Property Fiber Optic Solutions
226 5th Ave.
Greenport, New York 11944
United States
Tel: 631-213-9707

FOA Corporate Affiliate # 0335

Property Fiber Optic Solutions primary focus is to support IT professionals with on property Passive Optical LAN (POL) systems planning and implementation. We also offer support with fiber Point to Point, and wireless bridge solutions for customers with large properties that wish to maintain their own network. We also provide "Fiber Onboard" solutions for large vessels that wish to integrate modern navigation and systems control via fiber. All deck WiFi coverage, while maintaining electrical isolation without concern for cable length are just a few of the many benefits of Fiber Onboard. Since our focus is within your property or vessel, we specialize with 2-part, air blown micro fiber optic cable that is perfect for many types of properties including schools, medical or office complexes, hotels, marinas or any application where there is a common operator that values a private network. We are the perfect solution partner for IT systems designers. We have Military site and Nuclear Plant experience, including commercial Life safety/ Fire detection systems experience using Fiber optics for transmission and sensing applications. Please send a message today with your application and lets get to work on your project.

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