Directory of FOA Corporate Members

The FOA was founded by people in the industry dedicated to promoting professionalism in the field of fiber optics and cabling. We are pleased to present our FOA Corporate members, who represent a wide range of companies offering products and services in all aspects of fiber optics and cabling.

Peter Lane, Principal Consultant
System Design & Communication Services
56 Senator Drive
Manurewa, Auckland 2105
New Zealand
Tel: +64 (9) 1973 5544
Fax: 64 (9) 267 5329

FOA Corporate Member # 0123

System Design & Communication Services Ltd (SDCS) was created in 2010 to provide specialist advice to the market in the area of communications systems deployed in the commercial, mission critical, education and healthcare sectors. Communications systems are often treated as just another building service, but the real purpose is to support work practice objectives. This makes them difficult to design correctly at the time a building’s services are typically designed. However, retrofitting communications systems is often difficult and expensive (if not simply impossible). Because of this, Communications systems are often perceived as something of a black art and many businesses would appreciate the opportunity to obtain easily understood, unbiased and independent advice about what systems they could consider to support their desired work-practices and business objectives. Even a simple review of a vendor proposal may make it clear whether all those expensive bells and whistles the salesman recommends are actually justified based on the operational and functional objectives.

Network Design