Directory of FOA Corporate Members

The FOA was founded by people in the industry dedicated to promoting professionalism in the field of fiber optics and cabling. We are pleased to present our FOA Corporate members, who represent a wide range of companies offering products and services in all aspects of fiber optics and cabling.

Panayiotis Kitsis, Sales & Marketing Manager
RedMax Technologies Ltd.
12 Ergatikotitas Street, Lakatamia Industrial Area
Nicosia, 2326
Tel: +357 22 294980
Fax: +357 22 294999

FOA Corporate Member # 0373

RedMax Technologies Ltd was founded in 2004 by Antonis Vasili and Andreas Mavrides due to the emergence of the need for broadband wireless communication networks in order to provide fast and reliable internet in the Cyprus market. Initially, the company provided fast internet solutions, through custom-built networks, but gradually it evolved into an innovative and leading turnkey solutions provider in the area of telecommunications, specifically and exclusively focused on business customers.

RedMax’s leading role as a turnkey solutions provider in telecommunications, had been the natural outcome of the company’s strategic investment in exclusive partnerships with the best worldwide technological companies, gathering under one roof and using the most advanced and pioneering technologies of today and tomorrow.

In 2018, RedMax has broadened its portfolio of services by expanding its services abroad and by offering advanced high quality IT services and solutions through its two new companies RedMax IT Solutions Ltd and RedMax Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd. RedMax IT Solutions Ltd is focused exclusively on delivering a completely new and innovative model of IT Support and Solutions, whereas RedMax Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd is focused on international client portfolio offering support to the mother company. Furthermore, in 2018 RedMax expanded its clientele portfolio by successfully undertaking unique large-scale projects such as the satellite casinos.

In 2019, RedMax, recognizing the opportunities and potentials of the fiber optics technology in the Cyprus market, decided to shift its focus on this technology, re-evaluating at the same time its market positioning and strategy. Taking advantage of the fiber optics momentum in the Cyprus market and feeling confident about a technology that fully masters, RedMax decided to rebrand and change its slogan to ‘The Fiber Optics Experts’ aiming in establishing itself as the market leader in the area of fiber optics.

Recently, RedMax had succeffuly completed its first Hospitality Solutions project in Ieraptra,Crete, marking its penetration into the Smart Buildings and Hospitality Solutions industry.

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