FOA Approved Training

New School Application Form

You may use this online form to apply for FOA school approval. Submit this form only if you have read and understand the requirements for FOA approval at and an application fee of $300 will be required before acceptance by the FOA. You will check a box at the end of this form to confirm that understanding on the application below.

Contact Information

This contact will appear as the primary contact for your school.

School Information
Course Information
Organization Personnel Information
Administrator (FOA contact for business or administrative matters):

Current/New Instructors:

Instructors must become FOA certified before school approval if not already certified. School will assign CFOT numbers of new CFOT instructors after approval, if needed. CFOS/I Instructor Certification will also be required for all instructors according to FOA guidelines.

Please enter the number of instructors below and list their name and CFOT numbers in the form fields.

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Certifications proposed to be offered:

School GPS Coordinates:
In order to locate your location or school on our map, we are using decimal latitude and longitude coordinates. You can use this website: to determine your coordinates by either entering your address in the 'Address:' box or clicking anywhere on the map. Google maps doesn't always determine the correct location of an address so simply click on the correct location and copy the latitude and longitude into the boxes below. If you don't want to put your exact location, enter a city or zip code and it will center on that location.
Latitude: 33.372372
Longitude: -117.253339

Application Fee

Upon initial approval of this application you will be required submit a non-refundable application fee of S100 You may do this by credit card or check.

Agreement (required for submission)

I have read all the FOA requirements for school approval as posted on the FOA website at and agree to abide by them and the FOA requirements for school procedures.

Application valid for 90 days from this date.